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Apply Visit Request Information Are you thinking about transferring to Felician University?Stop by the Admissions Office any Tuesday or Thursday to receive an immediate admission decision and transfer credit evaluation! Bill Mills of .lohnson Tenn., and Miss Mary Rose F'el- tner of Richmond. s a Senior at Eastern State College there and is majoring In Home Economics. Some of these are described in a feature story else- where on this page. But mow several reasons are becoming apparent why the old public despair over our schools is giving way to public hope. Our admissions staff will answer your questions about general education requirements, transfer credit procedures, and financial aid. I have a Biology degree from the University of Waterloo. My best friend is a fluffy pup that thinks it’s human.Somehow I ended up as the Content Strategist for Narcity Media. 80's remixes of contemporary songs are my guilty pleasure.

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But in the meantime, it deserves to be said that public education in Perry County is getting belter every day, and credit earned by school officials is credit due.

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Vitamin B Compitx Low cost Vitamin B Complex Insurance. A.’s ‘Best All-Aroond’ Award Winner 1962-1963 LEATMERWOOD By M. See your dealer now during his money-saving Bondwogoo promotion. No doubt many individuals and perhaps some whole oommulties with personal com- plaints against the present school board and superintender^ will react strongly against the opinion we express here.