Jona bechtolt and claire l evans dating

“I realized there was a place for someone like me, who was interested in seeing how the other half lives, and then at least attempting to communicate that reality to people who, like me, were completely unfamiliar with what’s going on right under our noses.” And Evans—whose email signature reads “Sent from Space”—really, really loves space.

She found the recent landing of Curiosity, the Mars rover, “profoundly moving.” Her ideal gig, she says, would be drafting up “endless think pieces about what it feels like to look down at the planet from space, or what it must feel like to live in space, or what it must feel like to be deep below the ocean.

Shangri-La was performed, mixed, and recorded by Bechtolt and Evans themselves.

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“That means it has been designed to help you release anxiety! To help you to form close personal bonds with other people around you as you move your bodies. ” The beat crashes, Evans dances frantically across the stage, and the audience loses all semblance of self-control.Never a band to stay in one place sonically, visually or philosophically, YACHT transformed themselves, taking advantage of a proper studio for the very first time and using more live instrumentation than ever before.Recording in the West Texas desert without an engineer, the duo employed a kaleidoscope of genres—ranging from disco to psychedelia, from krautrock to punk—all culminating in pure pop.By dialing up the cotton-candy sweetness to 11 and only using the brightest markers in the pack, Bechtolt and Rob Kieswetter (aka Bobby Birdman and also a member of YACHT's live band) create tracks so fluffy and light that it's a wonder they don't just float away in the slightest breeze.Not to be outdone, Evans sings the lyrics with a kind of breathless exuberance that matches the music perfectly.