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What meant the most to her in her life happened because she didn”t give up. I have a wonderful kid, a great ex-husband, a wonderful family. Now all of a sudden I have this movie that depicts my life and Joan”s life and I have another book, the greatest kid in the planet. Miley attended the Cleavland celebration wearing a leather jacket and dungarees which revealed her breasts.“I'm going to start off this induction with the first time I wanted to have sex with Joan Jett,” Miley told the crowd during her speech for the classic riot grrrl at the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, recorded in April and will be broadcast tonight on HBO.“We were doing Oprah together, and I go up to Joan's hotel room,” Cyrus continued, launching into a story about covering up the smell of pot while sharing a conversation with her own personal Superwoman inside a hotel bathroom. We just thought that you thought you were better than us.” It”s like, no. You have to get to a point where it”s like, you know what, I just can”t take this anymore. “And this shit kind of fucks me up because it's the day that she was dedicating her time to an upcoming project for my foundation,” she added, talking about an idyllic night spent playing with Miley’s dogs and pig.

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Q: Did the phone call happen as it did in the movie where you called Joan when she was visiting a radio station? I just want to say that me and Joan finally, just in the last month, I heard how upset she was that I had left the band and that she was really hurt.

Her nipples were covered with heart-shaped stickers emblazoned with Joan’s initials but it is unclear whether or not the star’s unshaved armpits were an intentional part of the look.

Inductee Joan Jett of Joan Jett and The Blackhearts (L) and Miley Cyrus pose onstage during the 30th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony at Public Hall on April 18, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio.

And again, right when I had gotten into the Runaways, I was just treading water. Q: So that part is fiction where Marie has to take care of him? My dad moved back to his cousin”s house…that was all true. There”s alcoholism on both sides of the family, so immediately we”re instilling, “Hey you”ve got the double whammy. Q: When I interviewed you in 2006, we talked about a possible Runaways reunion and you said you came very close, but then Lita backed out. A: She is claiming she will have nothing to do with anyone that had to do with this film and we have no idea why. I don”t think that”s a good idea.” And Lita took that as a personal attempt to ruin her career.

My father wasn”t even living in California, he was living in Texas. My ex-husband is Robert Hayes, from “Airplane,” incredible dad, he”s my best friend. You guys shouldn”t have two records coming at the same time with the same album cover, the same photographer, the same songwriters. In the movie, I guess they didn”t think that was a good way to end it.