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Weiss found Mondrowitz to be “very charming,” though he explains that it became “complicated at night when it was time to go to bed.” While Weiss says it is now clear to him that Mondrowitz sexually molested him, he had not fully understood what was happening at the time.

Then, when he was 18, he had an encounter with Mondrowitz in a Chicago synagogue.

This law has been cited repeatedly by ultra-orthodox rabbis who do not want victims to report instances of sexual abuse to the police, but rather only to the rabbinical courts, called the Beth Din.

In 1980, his father, a respected yeshiva teacher, sent Weiss, then 13, to Borough Park to spend a week with Mondrowitz in order to refocus the boy on Judaism.

He came forward in 2003, claiming to have been one of Kolko’s first victims.

Framowitz filed a civil suit against the school, ultimately forcing Kolko to resign his post at the yeshiva.

Blau has spoken out against what he sees as an improper interpretation of Jewish law, but noted, “The community is not going to shift on a dime.” The ultra-orthodox world is facing a powerful and authoritative silence, and it remains unclear when–and exactly how–the pendulum will swing.

The 26 arrests in the past year stand in dramatic contrast to earlier years when the average was a mere two per year.