Jensen ackles dating danneel

Neither was a good thing for someone who controls his public image like Jensen does. Danneel did an interview with CW Connect where she talks about Riley as her ex & states that she has been doing OTH for a year & a half. Jensen & Jared both have a choice in the matter yet they continue having a long distance relationship with these women, even after getting married & having children.

I don’t care how good of friends you are, this will cause issues for at least some time. During the summer of 2007, Riley did a radio interview saying the best thing he got out of his relationship with Danneel was a free guitar.

Case in point, a mini-estate just south of Sunset Boulevard, in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, CA, that just hit the market as “Celeb Owned” with an asking price of ,495,000.

He has two best friends, and a massive crush on both of them.The guest house was also fixed up with a darker, more dramatic color palette.A library loft with custom wrought iron railing overlooks the main living room with rich brown hardwood floors, a vaulted and sky-lit ceiling and a fireplace set enough off-center to cause Your Mama’s burrow to crinkle with consternation.Like her hubby, Missus Harris Ackles has also worked steadily since she first appeared on a soap story (One Life to Live) in 2003.Her list of subsequent credits include roles in Joey, One Tree Hill, Friends With Benefits and a couple of those silly, money-making Harold and Kumar stoner comedies.