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“His fearlessness with my fearfulness…together was like a marriage where you have two opposites” she mused.“He’d do anything and I’d be scared to do anything.” It seems like a 27-year-old Jennifer Grey couldn’t help but fall for Patrick Swayze’s charms, despite previously admitting she found his penchant for playing pranks on the cast annoying!It's no wonder that Golightly and I hung on to her every word as she dished out advice on everything from body image to love and relationships.Of course, it soon became clear that one interview piece about Glamour: We were talking about auditions, and Gage, you mentioned that chemistry reads are terrifying. Gage Golightly: You don't know what everybody else is going in there with, what their intentions are, how your work stacks up to theirs, all the while having to have faith in what you do. If I can set everything up to be in my winning favor, I will, and yet I can't control [chemistry]. It doesn't have to do with whether you like someone or not.You will love her." Moments later, Grey walks into the bustling neighborhood restaurant and greets us both like we've been best friends forever. Restaurant guests approach her frequently to say hi and see how she's feeling (she had back surgery a few months ago), while the host and waiters know her by name.

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Her television work includes her 2010 victory in season eleven of Dancing with the Stars, and starring in the Amazon Studios comedy series Red Oaks." I was actually very skinny during the show and lost it in my boobs, and this was all because of my back problems and needing to move around a lot because of the pain.But you don't want to be the too-skinny older lady.“He smelled really good, his skin was really nice” the actress confessed.“He was really strong and he was very protective and his heart was very much in it,” she said.