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Pictures have a life which extends beyond physical constraints so this series gives an enduring presence to many who otherwise might never be introduced to the world,” he says.But despite his best intentions, being a sex worker in Jamaica can be tough.They quickly overpowered her resistance and banged her out of consciousness.Alex and his college mates got drunk and watched porn.The architecture of our CNN was based on the 22-layer Goog Le Net developed by Szegedy et al.

“There are strip clubs in every Jamaican town, and within the Dancehall music and entertainment scenes this is certainly an accepted and an environment within which to congregate and socialise." It was this vibrant scene that Wigan turned his lens too.

When photographer Ivar Wigan set about documenting the stripping scene in Jamaica, he didn’t want to take stereotypical, voyeuristic images that objectified women and did little else.

Besides, his project - titled ‘Young Love’ which captures the overlapping stripping and dancehall scenes on the Caribbean island - happened more naturally than most.

These are local girls who are let in free if they wear bikini.

“With the dance being so explicit it’s a fine line between who’s a stripper and who’s not," he adds.