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It seemed heartfelt, sincere and rather modest and when Corden went on to speak about his fiancée Julia Carey he would have certainly won over the emotion-loving American audience.“My girlfriend Julia gave birth to our son five days before we started rehearsals,” Corden said as the cameras panned to the attractive blonde sitting in the auditorium. Seriously, I would not be holding this if it wasn’t for her.At the same time, he made some bad career decisions, the worst of which was probably making the critically panned film Lesbian Vampire Killers.He started going out drinking, carousing and waking up in the bedrooms of women he couldn’t remember meeting – an odd experience for someone who barely drinks.Corden has since looked back on this time in his 2011 autobiography.“I think most of all I was lonely,” he writes, reproaching himself for “brattish” behaviour and saying that while he had everything he thought he ever wanted he “couldn’t have been more miserable.” A t the time, he says, he was “heartbroken”.It’s also true that after he met Julia in 2010 his life took an upward swing.Before that, it had been a rather turbulent affair of highs and lows.

His performance has been likened to Gwyneth Paltrow’s overwhelmingly gushy, weepy 1999 Oscar acceptance speech but actually Corden’s wasn’t an embarrassing, cringeworthy affair.

She made me say ‘us’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘we’ instead of ‘me’ and I love her.

Thank you very much.” The speech was a far cry from the one he gave at the Baftas in 2008 when Corden – then riding high on the success of the BBC comedy series Gavin & Stacey – went on stage and complained that he shouldn’t have won two awards, he should have won three.

Gavin and Stacey star James Corden has confirmed he is back with his on-off girlfriend Sheridan Smith.

Corden, who is set to co-host the Brit Awards later this month, was spotted holding hands with her over the weekend, sparking rumours the pair were dating again.