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A blind man has been helped to see using "artificial intelligence glasses".The Or Cam glasses have a tiny smart camera that can recognise text and even people's faces.Imagine not being able to make out a street sign, read the text from a book or even recognize the face of a loved one. Or Cam's system can read newspapers, street signs and recognize common items and familiar faces, dictating text into the user's ear with just the point of a finger. Max Gomez explained, an amazing new device is bringing back the quality of life for many people. Ammon Shashua co-founded Or Cam, which uses a camera mounted on eyeglass frames to help the visually impaired interact with their surroundings.

HI-TECH GLASSES that can help blind people read have been hailed as "life changing" by a leading Australian visual tech expert.

“The first time I put them on and it started reading to me, it was amazing! A pair of glasses that is able to 'read' text and convert it into speech allowing blind and visually impaired people has been tested by scientists.

The device looks like a small camera attached to the side of a pair of glasses.

It can read the text of a book aloud, or announce the names of friends and family in a room.

Scotty Smiley was blinded in Iraq while serving in the United States Military in 2005.