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He spent his big day commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, showing off his scruffy beard during an appearance in England. This is a question that most of us have contemplated in Tesco Metro, while squinting at a family pack of Matthewson Fridge Raiders, and the poser Louise puts to Ryan, who is moving into the Thompson residence. Is he too young to have ever watched , and unable to understand that he’s dressing like Del Boy? The Tina/Frankie furore continues apace, which gives us all time to have a sneaky check of our work emails or do the big poo that can’t wait until the ad break. Jamie is a man who is so intellectually puzzled that he once spent 48 hours in Las Vegas screaming ‘VEGAS! Jamie kindly offers Sam a lend of his favourite animal print shirt.Sam gets so nervous that he lies about being able to drive.Julius and Ella make it up, when the penny (commemorative ten pound coin, more like) drops that Harry has been playing them harder than a brand new X-Box One on Christmas day. Sure enough, Frankie bumps into Daisy early the next fact, the Princesses of York also introduced Harry to his other blond girlfriend, Cressida Bonas.Harry and the actress dated for two years, before breaking up after two years.

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In the Chelsea universe, ‘ages’ means ‘about three days’.

Though she was Harry's Plus 1 at William and Catherine's wedding in April 2011, she reportedly told friends she had no interest in becoming a royal wife.

"There’s no way we are getting married," she told friends.

I’d bet my Boots advantage points on Frankie getting into boy related trouble before Biscuits has landed and put on his special Entrepreneur costume.

Toff’s date with Sam Prince is odd, because he takes all of Biscuits’ terrible advice and allows Jamie to continue providing this advice through a bluetooth headset.