Is chris bukowski dating sarah

Kalon is good TV and seems to be the most REAL person on the episode. When Kalon went on the date by himself I almost fell out of my chair. A rose to Cody and Michelle, whose mutual desperation makes them the show’s most perfect pairing yet.He even got turned down by the guy who was trying to hook his harness up. Their fairytale begins when everyone’s giving each other massages around the campfire, and Michelle “Desperate for Human Contact” Money asks Cody to rub her back.A rose to Clare for basically being the Prom Queen of Paradise.Everyone wants to go on a date with her, even Michelle’s soulmate Cody!Fortunately, Clare lets it go and they make out in some sort of…cave structure? CHRIS: The most insane rose goes to the incredible Kalon.I don’t know why all these girls are still giving him such a hard time over what he did two years ago. It’s not that we thought it was a remotely fashionable garment — only that it made for an excellent dramatic moment when “playboy” Jesse Kovacs strolled up in his white linen pants and asked Jackie on a date, and Marquel moodily pulled the hood over his head like an angsty teen. Have fun eating cookies by yourself while Jackie gets wrapped up in the folds of Jesse’s crisp, white linen pants.As it turns out, Cody is in paradise For Clare (give it time), who has already been informed by a turtle that her ~soulmate~ is the generally pretty sweet and cute Zack (even though he’s having trouble pulling up his swimsuit, but let’s blame that on sun poisoning).Clare is flattered to be asked on the date, but doesn’t want to upset Zack and asks for a moment to conference.

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There are just so many is producing love trapezoids!!!

THEN Zack earns himself a rose for having the gall to say this when Clare asks what he would do if he was in her position: “I mean, it kind of depends on the girl.” HAHAHAHAHA.

Clare is furious, even after Zack assures her that he’s put “all of [his] eggs in [her] basket” :(, but does not respond by revenge-dating Cody, because she is a nice person.

Whether Clare had sex in the ocean or not with Juan Pablo, who gives a shit?

She’s a grown ass woman — she can do whatever she wants to do.