Is benji madden still dating eliza doolittle

I never wanted to use it to my advantage, even by talking about it, and I never did,” she says.She spent six months when she was eight playing Young Cosette in Les Misérables in the West End alongside her mother, who was an original Tony Award-winning cast member.She’s sharp and well-spoken, with a serious take on her music that makes it clear that this isn’t mere pop to her.Tall and skinny, with heart-shaped face and corkscrew hair, if she could be confused with anyone now it’s a young Minnie Driver.I was writing constantly, just getting it out of my system. Maybe the break-up triggered it but it’s really about discovering things about myself I didn’t know before.” There’s a new soulfulness on some of these tracks, such as Waste of Time and Let it Rain, with its stirring strings and gospel feel.

Sprawled over a sofa in her trademark hotpants and trainers on the warmest day in years, she’s returning at the right time.

Eliza Doolittle’s new single, Big When I Was Little, is so sunny it should come with a free bottle of Factor 50.

The Camden girl in the short shorts has been dispensing musical sunshine since her first hit Pack Up won her fans in 2010 and — less appealingly for her — the title of “the New Lily Allen” because of its chirpy London sound.

Now Eliza’s found her own way to be miserable, with some of her new songs focusing on the end of a relationship.

“It’s a journey from before I was with someone to when I was with them and then afterwards,” she says of her second album, still being finished and due in October, including new songs such as No Man Can and I’m in Love With You (In Your Hands).