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The protection against these elements increases as the number does, with * / 0 telling us that the item has NO protection against either dust or water. ) whether it is suitable for the environment where it’s most likely to be used; for example, if there is a good chance your defib may be used in an outdoor environment, you will need a unit with a higher IP rating to ensure it can be used regardless the weather or terrain.If you are looking for a defibrillator more suitable for an indoors environment, you can afford to choose one with a lower IP rating, based on the other features that may be more suitable.Korea based medical company CU Medical Systems emerged onto the AED manufacturer’s scene in 2001 after developing and innovating an ECG monitoring system for defibrillators.

Call us on 08 and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with all the answers you’re looking for, ensuring that you find the right equipment to suit your requirements.To locate a provider, please use our provider network found here: or you can use the ‘locate a provider’ button at the top of the page.Hope this helps, Thank you again, Luis @ Drive Link 10400-8; Walking Crutches with Underarm Pad and Handgrip Hello, Thank you for reaching out. If nothing appears to be loose on the cane, please contact our technical support, toll-free at: (866) 621-4933.Did we also mention we are an Award Winning company?We’re sure that you have been past our Home Page, but in case you haven’t, skipping the intro and getting stuck into the world of defibrillators, we are an award winning company.