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An estimated 0billion global industry, trafficking affects virtually every country around the world.Anywhere from 700,000 to 4 million persons worldwide are trafficked across or within national borders every year.The federally funded anti-trafficking project in Miami has a two-fold purpose: to provide victim-centered, trauma-informed direct services to survivors of human trafficking, and to identify potential victims through Outreach and public awareness.Direct support for survivors of trafficking: To help combat human trafficking, the IRC’s anti-trafficking program in Miami, offers services to domestic and foreign-born victims of all forms of trafficking.Trafficking in persons -- also known as "human trafficking" -- is a form of modern-day slavery.Men, women and children from around the world are forced to work against their will in many industries including the sex trade.Appeals to action taken by Channel Operators may be made by Private Message only to any of the Channel Operators.Any posts that offend in any of the ways outlined above will be treated as Spam, and the individuals responsible will be subject to action taken against them.

Viewed as valuable commodities in the sex trade or labor industry, vulnerable individuals are targeted by traffickers poised to exploit their desperation, misfortune, or ignorance.The IRC has been working in Turkana, a region in northwestern Kenya with over 276,000 people in need of food assistance.Turkana, which borders both Uganda and South Sudan, also suffers from Kenya's second-highest HIV infection rate, according to Mercy Lwambi, the women's protection and empowerment manager for IRC.“Since I was raped, I entered into prostitution, because I saw that is something that my family depends on,” a 24-year-old mother told the International Rescue Committee (IRC).“It is not something good, but the need to care for these children is what forces me, because I don't have anywhere else to run to,” the woman said.