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Just after saying this, Koscheck decided to physically go after Tate before the other competitors finally broke them up.

#19: Mirko Cro Cop – “He said in case of winning, he will spend two years staring through the window, but he must also have one thing on his mind in case he lost the fight — if I’m going to be lucky and throw a high kick he might stare through the windows for two years, too with a nurse on his left side.” Former Pride legend Mirko Cro Cop never tasted the same level of success in the UFC that he once had while competing in Japan, but despite his stoic nature before and after a fight he did manage this line just before facing Pat Barry at UFC 115.

During the UFC 158 pre-fight media conference call, Diaz was made aware that his opponent Georges St-Pierre had not only never been on Twitter but the messages released in his name were done by an assistant.

Add to that, St-Pierre’s face on magazines and ads for products like Under Armour and it led Diaz to stomping all over the Canadian’s gold plated lifestyle. Sometimes fighter quotes don’t really relate back to a certain time or place, and this is one of those moments.

For weeks leading up to the fight, Barry had spoken about how he idolized Cro Cop and if he actually won the fight he would stare out of a window weeks in disbelief of what just happened.

The Croatian answered back by telling Barry that he most certainly might end up staring out of a window, but it wouldn’t be by awe.