Interracial lesbian dating

Most of these preferences are a symptom of the race based world we live in.

note - This doesn't necessarily mean you're a racist but just know that your preferences don't exist in a vacuum.

When my sexuality is depicted as something that is based on political ideology, and most lesbian movies have more of a message than straight movies, I feel colonized as well as bored.

We are still stuck in the 50s or 60s, when the first straight interracial preachy movies started to come out. I just want there to be some well-written, stylish movies about hot women.

It's not the same thing as saying non-white people shouldn't have equal rights. I have been told that all black people look alike and I was dumbfounded.

That said, my aesthetic preference for white/white is so strong, that when I see a lesbian movie has one of those politically correct interracial pairings, I lose interest. It's probably because I live in a white neighborhood and went to a mostly white school so they don't notice that we are different? I'm white and I'm only attracted to white women.

And to all those that say they wouldn't date a girl outside of their own race, why? I have found asians, blacks, and whites good-looking.

I do not specifically seek out a certain race of women.

I'm white and I'm only attracted to white women.

This isn't racist, it's just a personal preference.

I think that's stupid and only excludes people from your dating pool.

i'm italian and i have never date someone outsite of my race,mosty b/c is damn hard here to find gay women who isn't italian,but i would love to date south american latino women or anyone with kim kardashian/rihanna/jessica parker kennedy/naya rivera...