Indian and chinese dating

For inter-cultural romance, Chinese and Caucasian dating partners ranked high on the list.

For instance, 91.2 per cent of Malays in the 26 to 35 age group were comfortable about their offspring dating Chinese, compared with 85.7 per cent for dating Caucasians and 81.3 per cent for dating Indians.

Part of the reason for the growing bonhomie between India and the US is China's growing belligerence.

Both India and the US have a common interest in ensuring the safety and security of the sea lanes of communication in the Indo-Pacific region which was reflected in the joint statement released by the two sides during the visit of the US President Barack Obama to India in January last year.

The US-India Joint Statement notes that they "affirm the importance of safe-guarding maritime security and ensuring freedom of navigation and over flight throughout the region, especially in the South China Sea." And under Modi, India has slowly, but surely, moved away from its traditional stance of non-alignment to multi-alignment.

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On the positive side, India has been cooperating with China in many areas.

His first visit outside the Indian subcontinent after taking charge was to Japan, which has seen frayed ties with Beijing, of late.

Finally, in the economic arena too, New Delhi reels under a huge trade surplus in favour of China.

Among Indians in the same age category, 89.3 per cent of them were comfortable about their offspring dating Chinese, compared with 87.5 per cent for Caucasians and 75.4 per cent for Malays.

For the Chinese in the 26 to 35 age group, 64.6 per cent were comfortable about their offspring dating Malays, compared with 56.5 per cent for Indians and 74.5 per cent for Caucasians.