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The Penang Hindu Endowment board (PHEB) will come out with their own golden chariot that will carry the Murugan vel from the Queens Street Mariamman temple to the hilltop Murugan temple before the Thaipusam festival and bring it back after the festival.

All these years, the PHEB has taken responsibility for the Thaipusam festivals and has coordinated and managed all religious affairs, security matters and liaison with the various agencies making sure that everything is in order.

Ramakrishnan, 23/04/17 -- Yet another blueprint for the Indian community is to be announced on Sunday 23/4/2017.

This blueprint is the Prime Minister’s initiative to give hope to Indian community in return for their vote.

Has he identified those hitches and who are those obstructing his plans?

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The Prime Minister added that in the past, there were hitches in implementing plans because decisions made by him were not executed well by the down line and there were setbacks.Unfortunately, the bureaucrats do not seem to be involved in the design and implementation of this plan.Private individuals, NGOs and some businesspersons have provided input and rolled out the blueprint.THE existence of our own paedophiles online, as reported in the local media, has sent shivers down our spine, especially in parents.While British paedophile Richard Huckle is behind bars in the United Kingdom for the sexual crimes he committed against children and babies in Malaysia, local child protection non-governmental organisations and the media have revealed disturbing realities — there are local paedophiles in our midst, and it is not easy to spot them.