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Kay Allen's Mc Cormick-Deering OS-4 was listed on com in 2009 and she purchased it from from the owner in Red Oak, Texas.

This gentleman had purchased it in Oklahoma and driven it in parades in East Texas. The O-4 and OS-4 were the orchard models of the W-4, and the W-4 was the "regular" or "standard" model of the Farmall H.

"Super" models had the C-164 (164 cubic-inch) engine produced by increasing the bore of the C-162 engine by 3/8 inch.

This increased the horsepower rating to 30 HP at the PTO/belt using distillate and 33 HP using gasoline.

William Deering had established a harvester factory in Plano, Illinois.

In1880, Deering moved his enterprise to Chicago, and it, too, did well and became a significant competitor to the Mc Cormick Company.

The Mc Cormick-Deering name was used on standard models for more than three decades before being replaced by the International Harvestor name.

Attachments and Special Features: Distillate/kerosene engine, muffler, radiator shutter, belt pulley, PTO, electric starting & lighting, wheel weights, 7-MPH 4th gear, engine-operated tire pump, and 5,000 & 8,000-foot high-altitude pistons.

Although based on the Farmall H, the W-4's front axles, front frame, sheet metal, hitches, etc. Although the W-4 was an agricultural tractor, it was intended for use with grain, hay, etc., and did not have the narrow front end needed for row-crop work.

The W-4, O-4, OS-4, I-4 (industrial model), and later "Super" models made up the Mc Cormick-Deering Four Series.

It was authorized on October 19,1944 and production began on November 30,1944.

The Model OS-4 was discontinued on January 13, 1954; a total of 1,267 were produced.