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Laura Crilly (Australian) A couple of little tips from a previous participant for anyone wishing to do this extraordinary project...

"1) When washing an elephant that is lying down in the water, watch out for their trunk as they like to tickle your feet when you're not looking!

As you know, my passion for elephants runs very deep and has done for as long as I can remember, and you were able to help me make my lifelong dream come true, and for that I am so eternally grateful.

I've been so wrapped up in baby elephants that I haven’t been on the internet at all!

On two afternoons a week you’ll go to a private Elephant Sanctuary to assist. There you’ll be able to wash the elephants hands-on, using corn husks, etc.

You’ll get down and dirty in the river with them – and it’s an amazing experience!

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I wanted to end this year by thanking you, and all at Travellers, for making this year so special.There are buses and taxis within walking distance of the accommodation, which you can catch into Pinnawala.Alternatively, you can walk into the village during daylight hours The owner and his staff are very friendly and will ensure that you feel at home!2) When sitting at the river edge: My favourite Elephant, Saboo, is very loveable and likes to stand with you. Make sure you tickle the roof of her mouth - she LOVES this!You will see some amazing sights here as Elephants really are clever and each have amazing characters and traits.