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If you think it’s hard to leave now, wait until you’ve devoted another few years of your life to them.You may meet the man or woman of your dreams next week. For More Of His Thoughts And Ramblings, Follow Paul Hudson On Twitter And Facebook.History is a great base to continue building your relationship upon, but if the relationship isn’t growing, if you know it’s dead in the water, then not moving on is a horrible decision. The only way a relationship ever succeeds is if both individuals understand they need to MAKE the relationship work; the relationship won’t work out on its own.It’s sad how loving relationships can be warped out of shape by the two individuals apparently trying to make things work. Love gives you the illusion of inseparability, but if that’s true, then it’s only true for the individuals you were in that moment.There could very well be dozens of men or women who would make you feel like you’ve met the one.It’s not always his or her fault things aren’t working out.The thing is, no one does it because of either 1 or 2 or 3. It is a combined mixture of all of the reasons with each reason's influence varying in each breakup. Sorry because the guy may not have loved the girl as much as her.

If you start taking lessons from failed relationships, you can do better in the next one. If you aren’t feeling guilty about giving up on finding the right someone, giving up on your ideal future, ideal life, then I hope you are feeling guilty.If you aren’t now, then you most definitely will be later down the road.Finding someone who allows you to live your life the way you want to definitely is nice, but it isn’t the only option. You could find someone you love, and then create an even greater life together. It’s silly to worry about it, but sometimes shutting off your mind or refocusing it isn’t the easiest thing in the world. The best life is always a life you didn’t know you could possibly live. The only person who can accurately answer that is you.If you’re only staying together because you enjoy the things he or she brings into your life rather than how this person makes you feel when you’re around them, then you should feeling guilty, but only if you stay. It’s a life that always surprises you and reminds you you’re alive. Just be sure you’re being entirely honest with yourself and not simply wallowing about because you want to feel down.