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In 1617 we find Sir George Curzon presenting, and in 1637 the Crown. Cox supposes that the south aisle was specially appropriated to this family, and was probably screened off from the rest of the church. In this monument, curiously, the husband is placed on the wife's left hand.

In the year 187-i the then Bishop of Lichfield, George Augustus Selwyn, exchanged the presentation of a living in the Diocese of Winchester for it, and so it has passed into the hands of the Bishop of the diocese. Hinglye is curate, a man of good repute." The living of Croxall is now worth per annum £509 15s., composed of Croxall Tithe £180, Oakley Tithe £218, Catton Tithe £91 15s., and rents of glebe laud in Edingale £20. Cox has only been able to discover the names of two of the rectors of Croxall, viz., Richard, who was Treasurer of Lichfield Cathedral and Rector of Croxall, as will be shown later, under Catton Chapel, and Thomas Persona de Croxall, witness to a Curzon deed. The Commissioners for taking the inventory of Church Goods, 6 Edward VI., thus report of Croxall Church : — " Croxall October 5tb 1553. j clialys of sylver — iij vestments — j cross of whyt taffeta — ij alter clothes — j crosse of copper — ij be Us — ^j lytyll belle in the stepy U — ij candylstycks of pewter — j siirples — ij cruetts of pewtar-leyd stolne of the Chiu'cbe porche in November last imto the valew of xls." -Tr X ^t ^^^/ A A A / ^ 1 OM-CXN^ ^^ ^O*^. (^5-c2 /o ic^ ' P^ DW^» S^ l0iutments in Crn^^all 0Efjnrt|. The first in chronological order is that of John Curzon and Inno- centia, his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Gresley, Knight. Their effigies rest under canopies supported at the ends by effigies of hounds ; between them is a shield on which no arms are visible.

Richard, the 5th Earl, his successor to Croxall, took the same active part for Charles XL, and was one of the judges of the Regicides. patrons are in each instance the 1476 William Aston, Canon of Repton, on the resignation of T. With beneath, " This is My Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased," and " Repent ye for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand," respectively.

Charles the 6th Earl, was a most accomplished man, a statesman, courtier and poet. Dryden dedicated to him his trans- lation of " Juvenal," wherein he describes his lordship's great genius. Pope designated him as — "Dorset, the grace of Courts, the Muses' pride," etc. Charles, the 2nd Duke, died unmarried, when Croxall became the pos- session of his nephew, John Frederick, 3rd Duke of Dorset, who sold it in 1779 to Thomas Prinsep Esq. The western window in the north wall of the nave contains an heraldic window of six shields, erected by the late Lord Zouche of Haryngworth.

The Tower, thirty-six feet in height, with an area of eleven feet by nine, rises on the west side, and contains a two-light decorated window in its western wall.

In the west wall, between the door and tower, is a large lancet window.

Order for the payment of i'600 ordered for the Countess of Dorset's Funeral. The Funeral of the Countess of Dorset in much state. In the tracery of these three windows there is a small transom, witb an embattled moulding.

The parish lying one parte of it in the Countye of Stafford, it is really worth nine and fortye pounds, six shillings, and sixpence per annum, viz., Croxall and the hamblettes apperteyning in Derbyshire, nyneteen pounds, six shillings and sixpence, item forthe of parte in the Countye of Stafford thirtye 22 Historical Sketch of t/ie Parish of Croxail. The well-known alabaster mines at Hanbury, in Staffordshire, were worked by the Romans, and Burton-on-Trent being in proximity to them, took up the manufacture in later times. There seems to be a curious appendage round the neck, and behind the shoulders; the first may be a collar, and the second ailettes, or badly drawn pass guards, or the ^^%y may be lying on a shield.There is no record of her havin"- been buried in the Abbey, nor is there a monument to her memory there. Unfortunately, during the Restoration of 1868, the font was removed from its original position, and placed within the tower, immediately over five alabaster monumental slabs, which were likewise removed from various parts of the church and placed here; owing to this mistake, the inscrip- tions on these latter cannot now be deciphered. Excellent oak seats were fixed throughout the church in the year 1868.Unfortunately the registers of Withyam have been lost, so that it cannot be conclusively proved whether she was buried there or not. The font is circular, three feet six inches in height, and the bowl is of Derbyshire marble, fourteen inches in diameter; it has been so scraped and otherwise treated, that it is almost impossible to say what period of architecture it properly belongs to. The panels of the choir stalls are of old workmanship, and are ornamented with carving of the " napkin " pattern.Büyük yarak seven sarışın kızın amına boşalıyor incitmeden... Sarışın kız zenci adamı bağlıyıp yarrağıyla oynuyor. Ev kadınları yarak yedi gúzel sulu am resimleri yakin ç ...