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"As long as she's happy and my children are happy, I'm happy," he adds.

When asked about how often he gets to see the couple's two children together -- 4-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe -- Cannon says it's more often than most would expect.

"And I'm a big fan of Miss America, I think it's great, I literally host it in Atlantic City because of my places. They're flat." "Well, it's a different level of standard and it's a different level of beauty," said Trump.

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CNN's KFile has previously reported on several of Trump's appearances on Stern, including one in which he expressed approval of the radio shock jock calling his daughter, Ivanka, a "piece of ass," and another in which he said of actress Lindsay Lohan, "deeply troubled" women are "always the best in bed." A spokesperson for the Trump campaign has not returned a request for comment on those comments. "You'd have some disease." "I'd be dead," added Trump. Hey Robin, we don't base it on talent, we don't base it on brains. ” the former athlete said of being a power couple, before going on to praise Crow. it wasn’t like we never saw each other.” As previously reported, the Forward podcast host and Crow called off their engagement in February 2006 after years of dating. And at the time, I was like, ‘I’ve got to go do what? I mean, how many couples have been able to pull it off?“There was a lot of speculation, ‘Where was I on Wednesday?'”Many people pointed out that me taking what they call a ‘personal day,’ by the way, I never said ‘personal day.’ I didn’t take a personal day, I took a sick day and I’m still sick, you can still hear it in my voice,” Stern explained to his listeners on May 15.