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Apparently, the FDA tested the validity of this claim and like all psychoanalysis found it nonsocial and charged him with fraudulent practices and selling his useless boxes across states without the license to do so.He refused to respond to the charges against him saying that his orgone hypothesis is a scientific one and, as such, the courts cannot decide its validity, only science could.If it feels good to you, as long as no one is hurt, go ahead and do it.This man was a leader of what Governor Jerry Brown of California used to call the me generation and Christopher Larch called the narcissistic culture.Wilhelm Reich posited what he called orgone energy that pervades the universe and saw it as the source of life, particularly as the source of sexual energy and tried to optimize it in people.

The individual’s character is reflected in his body.

Like Freud, he was stuck at adolescent levels where much ado was made of sex. Fredrick Salomon Perls (1893-1970) was a German turned American psychiatrist who trained under Freud.

He fled Nazi Germany and at first settled in South Africa but eventually came to the USA. This is difficult to explain other than that it emphasized hedonism. Eat, enjoy yourself and do not feel guilty about it. Do not check your behavior with thinking about what other people would approve.

Forget Perls, he was a passing adolescent fancy and not relevant in adult discourse. Karen Horney (1885-1952) was German psychoanalysts. I have written about this woman at many places and do not need to repeat myself here.

Her most important contribution to psychological discourse is the idea of real self, and false ideal self and their roles in mental health and mental illness.