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The photo matched the mystery man in the bank surveillance photo, police said.

Owosso Director of Public Safety Kevin Lenkart confirmed he discussed the case with Oklahoma investigators.

The affidavit claims police discovered the items in the home and sent them to a lab for processing.

Police also discovered Fox's car, credit card and cell phone were missing from the home, according to the affidavit.

9 to check on the welfare of animals on the property after Fox had apparently been absent a few days, according to the affidavit.

Police were called back to the home five days later, after Fox was reported missing.

An investigator from the Texas Rangers made contact with the man the phone call was made to.

The man told the investigator he received a call from another man he met on Craigslist and the two met in a hotel for sex, according to court records.

Investigators reviewed surveillance video and saw Fox, wearing the same clothes as those he had on when his body was discovered, and the unknown man together, according to the affidavit.Court records show the victim allegedly told a friend he had met a homeless man and let the man stay with him as he helped him try to get back on his feet.However, police claim Fox had trouble trying to get the homeless man to leave his home.Deputies were allowed into the home by a neighbor who had a key, and they discovered blood and overturned furniture, according to the affidavit.They soon discovered Fox's arm protruding from under the bed.