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However, at the start of the Dark Tournament, he says that him and ________ are all that will be required.

The episode starts with three criminals stealing three artifacts from Spirit World.

Meanwhile, on the Human World, Yusuke is being waken up by his mother.

Hiei is seen practicing with the Shadow Sword, and he began talking to Gouki about raising a demon army using the sword.

He spotted the criminal and used his Psychic Spyglass to check if this criminal has the Orb of Baast, and he was right.

As he was about to confront him, the thugs he came across by earlier confronted him, asking for money.

Hiyama spent most of his beginner years delivering newspapers to fulfill his part of the requirement as a Broadcast Scholarship recipient, while at the same time trained under Arts Vision's Nihon Narration Engi Kenkyujyo (Japan Narration Performing Arts Research Center) to improve his physical acting skills whenever he did not receive cases to work.

He also noted to have part-timed as a security guard for a short while, and mentioned how he deliberately hid his face in case his colleagues spot him out during a period where he has to overlook a construction site near his recording studio.