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Researchers also cleared the study with local law enforcement.

Kids today have greater access to credit cards than many people realize, says the American Lung Association's Erika Sward.

He notes that e-cigarettes are marketed in ways that appeal to teens, with flavors such as grape, cotton candy and bubble gum.

He's concerned that e-cigarettes will addict young people to nicotine, which could lead them to regular tobacco."Ninety percent of adult smokers start before age 18," says Farber, who was not involved in the new study.

The California Department of Public Health report says e-cigarettes emit cancer-causing chemicals and get users hooked on nicotine but acknowledges that more research needs to be done to determine the immediate and long-term health effects."Implementing the use of age verification software is a reasonable, highly effective and cost-efficient way for the vapor products industry to prevent minors from making unauthorized purchases online," Daman says. Farber (born May 5, 1930) is an American conservative radio talk show host, author, commentator and language-learning enthusiast.In 2002, industry publication Talkers magazine ranked him the 9th greatest radio talk show host of all time."The industry knows very well that in order to get their next generation of customers, they need to get them before they become adults.We're seeing the e-cig industry follow the tobacco industry's playbook."Without regulation by the FDA, the market for e-cigarettes is akin to the "wild West," says Sward. does not sell e-cigarettes online, spokesman Richard Smith says.