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Muhammed's general and later Sultan of Delhi Qutb-ud-din Aybak sacked the city between thenga 12, and it was destroyed by the Allauddin Khilji in 1298.

The modern town of Patan later sprung up near the ruins of Anhilwara.

It was used as an escape gateway for king who built the step well in the times of defeat. Siddhhem Water Park & Resort is developing on Sariyad Highway near Rani Ki Vav.

This stepwell is the oldest and the deepest among the 120 other stepwell in Gujarat. Experimental High School, Adarsha Vidhyalaya, Sheth M. Patan has an ONGC and the small and medium size industries.

Patan was part of the Baroda state from the mid-18th century until India's independence in 1947, when Baroda became part of Bombay state, which in 1960 was separated into Gujarat and Maharashtra.

During the period of the Chaulukya dynasty or Solanki's of Patan, the stepwell called the Rani ki vav or Ran-ki vav (Queen’s step well) was constructed.

Lakes include historically and archeologically important Sahastralinga Tank, Anand Sarovar (Gungadi Talav) and Khan Sarovar.This bracketing is arranged in tiers and is richly carved. Polytechnic Patan for diploma in engineering, Government Engineering College and Sheth M. Major multi-speciality hospitals include General Hospital, Janta Hospital, Docter House and other Clinics in Patan.There is a small gate below the last step of the step well which has a 30 km tunnel (now it has been blocked by stones and mud) which leads to the town of Sidhpur near Patan. High School, Prerna Mandir High School, Pioneer School of Science, Lord Krishna School of Science and Eklavya School of Science. City Point Multiplex, Apna Cinema, Kohinoor Cinema and Krishna Cinema provides Entertainment facilities.Unfortunately, administration and a majority of local people show little interest in preserving these heritage places which are shrinking at a rapid pace.Fortunately, the inner fort of Bhadra with its Darwajas is preserved well.