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In fact, this instrument was the last guitar Les played before he passed away in 2009 at the age of 94.

This gorgeous Epiphone Elitist Les Paul guitar belonged to the man it was named for – guitar icon Les Paul.

I searched and searched for 2 years to find a lefty, and finally found this one in Manny's in New York by accident.

My first "real" bass, purchased in 1984 for the (then) high price of 0 with a student loan that I defaulted on and took 10 years to finally pay off after threats from creditors, LOL.

I was ignorant about Guild electrics myself until last August when I stumbled on this Guild Starfire IV at a music store in Montreal. It's a 2013 Starfire (last year of Fender's ownership of the company), a replica of the early 60s Starfire that were reverse engineered as part of the Newark St. After that night, I was asked if I'd like to buy it at cost since it was now considered used. The De Armonds were Korean guitars based on Guild models.

I'd been looking for a mid-prized semi-hollow for awhile -- mainly for blues -- and had tried a whole bunch (Ibanez Artcore/ Artstar, Epiphone Dot/ Sheraton, etc.) without landing on the one that felt right for me. They received nice reviews and the quality control was good, especially for the nicer models. Mine also have the Goldtone pickups which sound very vintage-y.