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The rest of the items on the line are the parameters.The following are some simple examples to illustrate: edit.php, featured On the page, the parameter with the name ‘featured’ will be ignored.more info Blocks ALL automatic Bot-SPAM, and catches Human Comments SPAM without sending data to 3rd parties or charging subscription fees. This plugin handles the blocking of IP addresses for hosts that are naughty.

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This plugin contains various different sections of protection for your site and you should choose which you need based on your own requirements. It’s simple: performance and optimization – there is no reason to automatically turn on features for people that don’t need it as each site and set of requirements is different.Don’t Leave Your Site At Risk If your site is vulnerable to attack, you’re putting your business and your reputation at serious risk.Getting hacked can mean you’re locked out of your site, client data stolen, your website defaced or offline, and Google penalise you. Download and install Shield now for FREE so that you have the most powerful Word Press security system working for you and protecting your site.Ideally you shouldn’t use this along side other Anti-SPAM plugins or security plugins.If there is a feature you need, please feel free to suggest it in the support forums.