Google voice online dating

If you don’t have a roommate, just shoot a quick e-mail or text to a close friend, or a even family member.It’s important to not give out any of your real contact info until you’ve checked out and really feel comfortable with the guy you met online.Best to keep the area code one that is close to the people you are talking to so you can avoid having your friends and family pay long distance.Google Voice offers many great features the primary one being that calls to your Google Voice number get forwarded to one or several phones.Even if you’re not interested in protecting yourself while dating online, you’re going to want a Google Voice phone number.It gives you all the features that phone companies should but don’t.A Google Voice number is easy to set up and 100 percent free.

I had been dating online for about three months at this point.I was still in that phase where I didn’t know what I was doing and I wasn’t having any success.I was so excited when a woman asked for my number I didn’t think twice about it.Do a quick Google search of your guy and check out his social media accounts.We’re not saying come prepared to recite from memory his favorite movies and TV shows—skim over that stuff, and instead check for red flags like legal trouble or offensive tweets.