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Besides, Banky W also once confessed that “I had a big crush on her at one point but now, we are really cool friends.” But whether it’s true or not, Genevieve has truly enjoyed a smooth ride to stardom, keeping low profile as part of her weapons of defense.

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""He has a very very good heart" Genevieve replied, blushing."Alright, there you have it folks, case closed." Teju said[/b]People keep insisting it's a stunt.

She does not belong to the class of celebrities who find their way into the entertainment news way too often.

It’s possible you see her picture taken, walk the red carpet, but you don’t hear much else from her again unless she wants you to.

That way, the actress has been able to stay away from controversy while living her life in secrecy.

One thing, however, you can’t take away from Genevieve is that she hardly seek attention neither does she wear this tag of stardom any where she goes.

Genevieve nnaji who is she dating