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But it does not force schools to teach about all aspects of sexuality.The Government has pledged to halve pregnancies among under-18s by 2010, but faces an uphill struggle.Bamford's defence counsel Alan Kent QC said that on the night of the murder, "something must have happened to cause this eruption of violence".In mitigation, Mr Kent said: "This is not an evil young man in any way.A two-week trial at Lewes Crown Court heard how Bamford had sought to rob Mr Jefferies on February 23 after building up drugs debts of about £400.Bamford, now 18, denied murder, claiming he was protecting himself from Mr Jefferies who had “come on to him” but jurors convicted him on Tuesday after deliberating for three hours.Teenage pregnancy is closely linked with deprivation, leading to a "vicious cycle of underachievement, benefit dependency, ill health, lack of aspiration, poor parenting and child poverty", the report added.It called for all children to have a course of sex and relationship classes before 11, unless their parents opt out, to enable them to make "informed choices" about sex.

Prosecutor Jeremy Carter-Manning QC said that as a young man, Mr Jefferies abandoned a plan to pursue a career in medicine and joined HMRC in a "pretty basic" role.

Under-11s should be given explicit sex education to help reduce teenage pregnancies, a Labour MP has said.

Chris Bryant, who made the headlines in 2003 after appearing on a gay dating website in his underwear, also recommended distributing condoms in schools.

These could include visits to sexual health clinics for information, advice and contraception.

In 2003, Mr Bryant, a former Anglican vicar, sent a picture of himself wearing just Yfronts to a stranger on a gay dating website.