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Ultimately, both multiplayer and day/night cycles were dropped and work on Crazy Taxi Next was transferred to Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller, which included some of the nighttime driving concepts suggested by Next.

Kenji Kanno has noted that the gameplay in the Crazy Taxi series has otherwise not "evolved" with each new game "because basically the whole point of the game is to have a lot of fun in a short period of time, and it's a very concentrated game.

Once the clock reaches zero, the game is over, and the player is ranked and rated based on the total earned.Mini-games were developed for this version as to "let the player play longer if he improve[d] skill" by offering challenges that were both fun and educational.Over one hundred different ideas for mini-games were developed by the team but then pared down for the Crazy Box mini-game challenges for the game.Passengers looking for rides are indicated by an overhead marker that is colored to represent the distance to their intended destination.The color marker ranges from red indicating short trips, to yellow for intermediate distances, and to green indicating long ones.