Funny redneck dating jokes

The stripper at your bachelor party was your fiancee.

You delayed your wedding because of hunting season.

You consider dating second cousins to be "playing the field." It may be Redneck Love if... You honeymooned in the pop-up camper in your parents' backyard.

You honk your horn during love scenes at the drive-in. Taking your wife on a cruise means circling the Dairy Queen. Your wedding invitations say, "Same time, same place." It may be Redneck Love if...

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You think disposable diapers are an appropriate wedding gift. Any of your children were conceived at a traffic signal. You give your marital status as "often." It may be Redneck Love if...

-You say "Watch this" every time before you goto the hospital.

It’s no secret Alabama is the subject of so many jokes.

You had to postpone the wedding night because the feds were on the porch. You knocked a hole in the bedroom wall during a romantic moment.

You met your wife when your kids set you up with their truant officer. You got bitten by your dog during a romantic moment. Any of your wedding gifts came from the Army Navy store. You had to chase the cats away from the house on your wedding night. You have to air out the bedroom after a romantic night. The bride had a liquor flask hidden down her cleavage. The bride's relatives brought a gun to the wedding.