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Going from friends to dating is really tricky, especially if you’ve previously liked each other.

All those little things you hide from someone when you’re first dating?

I envy Sandeep and Sarah - in a good way obviously...

Marta and Skylar first met at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay in a choir class they shared.

Then we’d go back to our normal lives until the next time we hung out.

Nothing ever happened between the two of us, but we had a chemistry that made hanging out extra special.

The high-school/college romance we all secretly wish for is the beginning of this love story.

Throughout the entire time, Skylar would write and call her. Their connection grew and by the time Marta returned to Wisconsin to stay, they both knew they wanted to create a home together.

As time progressed and our appreciation of each other grew, we danced around each other but remained just friends while we dated other people.

Sometimes he would drive up to visit me for the weekend—we’d watch movies, visit little towns and eat fun things.

In my case, I kept getting disappointed because my boyfriend would do things that my perfect version of him didn’t do and it would disappoint me.

After a little while, I realized you can’t put anyone on a pedestal.