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By encouraging unvarnished individualism, studios and networks can help foster traditional celebs’ appeal among younger demographics.Q scores were determined to be the most reliable indicator for the survey’s selection of mainstream stars, whose popularity can be fleeting among teenage demographics.From dive bars and cocktail spots to strip clubs and speakeasies (that were actually once real speakeasies), Hollwood’s nightlife mix is about as eclectic as it gets.

Half the 20 were drawn from the English-language personalities with the most subscribers and video views on You Tube, the other half were represented by the celebrities with the highest Q scores among U. The top five — and six of the top 10 — were You Tube stars.In addition, many prominent celebrities well known to younger consumers may not necessarily be the most popular among them because their prominence is driven more by notoriety, as opposed to true appeal.Hollywood is one of the most iconic epicenters of debauchery in the history of the world.commissioned in July that found the five most influential figures among Americans ages 13-18 are all You Tube faves, eclipsing mainstream celebs including Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Rogen.The highest-ranking figures were Smosh, the online comedy team of Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, both 26.