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White amur, commonly called grass carp is another fish species that may be stocked into ponds that have aquatic plant problems.Grass carp feed almost exclusively on aquatic plants and therefore can be an effective biological control method when aquatic plants become a nuisance.Pond and lake owners can also contact any office of TWRA for assistance in locating a commercial source for fish. Fish for stocking ponds, including triploid grass carp, may also be available at your local feed store, farmers supply stores and cooperatives.Fish producers visit some of these stores on a regular basis during the spring and fall. Since there are many commercial hatcheries that produce fish for sale to pond owners, it is best to consult several suppliers to see who has the best prices and delivery schedules.First, do not stock hybrid sunfish into ponds containing other fish, and never stock them in combination with other bream(bluegill and redear sunfish) species.The reason for this is because [redear sunfish] hybrid sunfish will crossbred with other bream species and hybrid identity and vigor will soon be lost.For more information, including stocking rates for grass carp, see the Aquatic Weed Control - Biological Control section of "Managing Small Fishing Ponds and Lakes in Tennessee".​ The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is no longer offering fish for stocking private ponds and small lakes.

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Channel catfish can be stocked alone in smaller sized ponds at 100-150 per acre, without supplemental feeding.

It is important to note that in most cases, the chemistry of the water your fish are shipped in is different from the water in your pond.

When your fish arrive, adjust them to your pond water before releasing them or they may die!

Although the stocking strategy you choose should be geared to the kind of fishing you want, for the best recreational fishing and table fare, the largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, and channel catfish (optional) combination is hard to beat in Tennessee.

New or renovated ponds must be properly stocked because the fish that are originally introduced represent the future sportfish catch and harvest for many years to come. Except for supplemental stocking of channel catfish, a pond that already contains fish generally does not need to be stocked.