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Unspecified life-threatening complications Death 25 other mishaps An article in Pediatrics in January 2000 attempts to compare the benefits of circumcision with the risks.

However, the only risks considered are the direct complications of surgery - and only some of those.

Even though the complications tended to be more likely with nurses than with doctors or traditional circumcisionists, this did not reach statistical significance (p = 0.051). The children were randomly divided into two groups (PD: Plastibell and DC: dissection).

In both groups the surgery was performed under general anesthesia and dorsal penile block.

The operation was done by nurses in 180 (55.9%), doctors in 113 (35.1%) and by the traditional circumcisionist in 29 (9%) of the children.

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They don't include aesthetic results so bad the parents take him back for more surgery.They were clinically examined for the presence and type of complications of circumcision. Neonatal circumcision had been performed in 270 (83.9%) of the children.Two hundred and fifty nine (80.7%) were performed in hospitals.De la Hunt found complications requiring attention by the GP in Bungoma district, Kenya: Assessment of traditional and medicalised male circumcision The study, which was conducted to establish a pre-training baseline assessing safety of male circumcision in resource-poor settings found The study findings highlight what could go wrong if providers are not well trained and adequately equipped to perform male circumcision in hygienic settings with good post-surgical follow-up.UNAIDS/CAPRISA Consultation on Social Science Perspectives on Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention 18-19 January, 2007 Summary Report Linus Okeke, Adanze A Asinobi and Odunayo S Ikuerowo BMC Urol. Published online August 25 2006 Abstract Background The number of infants managed for neonatal circumcision injuries in our unit has been on the increase over the past 16 years.