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15) Best luxury of the trip: getting the chance to read again – huge number of books devoured. 16&17) Best setting for a restaurant – Doyle’s on the Beach, Watsons Bay/ Frasers Restaurant in Kings Park, Perth.18) Best value for a snack and a snifter – Jimmy’s on the Mall in Brisbane.21) Best moment on Christmas Day – Geoff Boycott’s lesson on batting against spin bowling.22) Best foodie part of Christmas Day – Simon’s oysters and Jenny’s ham.25) Most humiliating moment (b) getting a puncture on a bike ride to Henley and having to push the damn thing for the last 2km.26) Most humiliating moment (c) John Cleese giving Latest the big brush off.” every time we appeared, much to my amusement and Latest’s chagrin!54) Top effort for the winter is, without any question whatsoever, the Barmy Army raising £50,000 for The Broad Appeal. Well done everyone – MND is a wicked disease and claimed the life of my first husband.

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20) And to save cash: pre pay any excess luggage charges online – saves a fortune.

50) The cost of hotel wireless is extortionate and not widely available for free, so invest in a 4G mobile wifi device.

(I know, more shopping, but trust me on this one – it’ll save you a fortune) It also meant Latest could broadcast live from a ferry during the peak of the alleged Pietersen/Flower fall out.

51) Our most drunken evening; a private 60th birthday party in a wine cellar in the Barossa Valley. 52) Moments to gladden the heart included the arrival of son Tom, who disappeared into the morass of the Barmy Army (thanks boys) and one of my best friends Annie and Andy who were on their first trip Down Under.

53) And talking of the Barmy Army; thanks guys for one of the best laughs of the series, when they struck up “Is she really going out with him?