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This happens in mid June/early July as the young are taught to fly and hunt.Cathedral Green is at the rear of Derby Cathedral, near the Silk Mill Museum in Derby city centre, England.Please Note: we are aware of connection issues which have affected our live cameras in recent weeks.

Follow this external link for details and map of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves. You can also contact your bank and arrange for a money transfer to .

The female peregrine is considerably larger than the male. As the chicks grow rapidly during May there is an increase of activity around the nest, with both birds bringing back food.

One or both birds are usually “on guard” prior to egg-laying, but during incubation and brooding the female is rarely seen. This increases still further once the birds fledge (leave the nest), and then there are exciting acrobatic displays to be seen by watchers on the ground in Derby city centre.

But before you buy, why not politely ask other peregrine watchers if you can try their equipment? Derby Museum and Art Gallery contains an exciting wildlife gallery, showing many of the habitats and species that live here.

Come and stand close to a peregrine falcon in the Derbyshire Nature Gallery, then go and watch one flying free over the City Centre. Precey; the BBC, plus the many peregrine watchers and, of course, to the vergers and authorities of Derby Cathedral without whom none of this would have been possible.