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The issue with an arc lead in occurs when the plasma’s path comes around to finish the cut; it will encounter an area that has been partially cut on, and this can result in a divot or excess slag forming in the transition area.

In outside cuts or non-circle inside cuts the lead in type generally will make no difference to the final quality.

I have a part with a hole cut in it, what type of tool path do I use? For plasma cutting it is generally a good idea to create a lead in.

When a tool path is made in Torchmate CAD/CAM the type of tool path selected will determine how the outside cut is made, any inside cuts will be made opposite of the specified type. What a lead in does is move the pierce point of a cut away from the finished edge and into an area of scrap.

An online tool path does not offset for any kerf and simply created a tool path along the center line of the drawing.

Lead ins and lead outs are also created based on these offsets.

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In Torchmate CAD/CAM the lead in length can be adjusted, this is similar to node editing a regular object.In order to maintain the dimensions of a drawing the tool path needs to be offset from the drawing.An outside cut will use a male tool path and an inside cut will use a female tool path.For instance if a plate with a hole in it has a tool path created select a male tool path, this will make the inside holes female automatically, all the critical dimensions will then be maintained. This prevents a dimple from being created on the part where the pierce occurred.In Torchmate CAD/CAM when a male or female tool path is made the lead in will be created to coincide with the offset direction.