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Co M: During the investigation stage, we were contacted by the Nebraska State Patrol.

We provided them information that helped their investigation and ultimately help make the case. Co M: The app is approved for ages 12 , what’s the appropriate use for teens of the app?

We provided them our best practices and recommendations.

I understand they have incorporated that into a program they provide to schools.

SS: The appropriate use of the app is the same for any age. The analogy we use is this; behave how you would on Main Street.

In Whos Here, you are in essence in a public place.

Conduct yourself accordingly, which includes don’t give out personal information to people you don’t know.

Getting past occasions shape your existence is a factor, transporting yesteryear like a burden that sits heavily upon shoulders isn't the way I view existence.We were the first in the “Chat with People Nearby” space on the i Phone.While there were parallels to be gleaned from web properties, to a degree we had to write the book a bit on this space. We were eventually asked by the FBI to put material together on location-aware social networking.A sex offender was recently put behind bars for 20 years after engaging in sexually explicit chats and exchanging photos with two young teens.The 35-year-old man used a social media app called Whoshere on his i Phone to instant message the girls who used it via i Pod Touch.