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A men's shed is normally a place of testosterone and sawdust, but one Queensland shed has taken on a feminine touch for a very special event.

The Noosa Men's Shed on the Sunshine Coast became the venue for the weekend wedding of Gavin Menkens and Julie Lehnhoff.

I have been traveling for almost a year and a half, after flipping a coin i have recently moved to Launceston :) I'm spontaneous, glass half full, love fresh air, parks, camping, travelling, reading and movies. A hippy one but still a femme :) Hey I'm 25 but look younger, in all about my family, I have little friends as I don't trust easily because of damaged trust in my past. I used to work at Mc Donalds for almost two years but now I'm studying my dual diploma in Management/Business..

I try to be healthy, love walking; always with headphones. I've recently found out I have borderline personality disorder which isn't as bad as it sounds, I don't have more than one personality, I just experience emotions deeper and longer than others and find it harder than others to concentrate ..

It left him in intensive care for weeks and required specialist care for months.

Prefers full moons and late nights, full days of work and haul, long meandering conversations, and sitting in quiet contemplation as i am introverted and rather solitary.It was a wedding that nearly didn't happen and would test the lines "in sickness and in health" long before the couple would say their vows.Gavin suffered a massive brain aneurysm on November 13, 2014 when he was 55.i have a love of the outdoors, camping and hiking, pilgrimage, and living in the country; at home with the ocean as much as the forest, i would love to build my own wooden yacht/house living a mostly self-sufficient/minimalist life.Born in London- Lived most my life in WA Perth- was Bi as a Teen - & after a 14 year Hetro relationship that brought me 4 awesum kids- to a man from hell (whom I will always love with all my heart-albiet from a very safe distance)...