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And after 16 years of war since 9/11 can anyone really say with hand on heart that our efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq have been America and Britain's finest hours?

Is it possible years of endless bloodshed they have made it easier for ordinary Muslims to tolerate terrorism in their midst, more reluctant to condemn it?

I cannot help but feel that behind the authentic, human, Jeremy Corbyn, his strategic campaign team are playing to this crowd. The IRA, Hamas, and now Libyan terrorists - all accepted with tolerance and humanity, welcomed into the Labour fold.

These terrorist sympathisers and those who refuse to condemn terror are becoming an important vote bank for rogue politicians.

With this speech, Labour will secure more votes from the disenfranchised.

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He took to the stage and seemed to point the finger of blame at ourselves.Do we really think helping depose him and turning parts of Libya into anarchic ISIS strongholds HELPED Britain's security situation?And If there is one thing Corbyn cannot be knocked for - it is consistency. He stood against intervention in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Syria.It felt as though he excused the terror attacks as just retaliation. Feeling sorry for the mums and grandmas who can no longer do the same.Claimed that we have fuelled terrorism, not fought it. Exhausted from mourning, mourning the children we've lost and the country many feel like we have lost along with them. I have emails in my inbox from the elderly who are glad to be old. Preferring death as a relief to life in this cruel world. Corbyn said terrorists will never divide us, will never prevail. And he told us we would never be defeated by terror. Outside of Zones 1 and 2, away from the affluent left with their gilded lives and sanitised multiculture, polite and well behaved, we are not singing from his hymn sheet.