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Vanco Wrimo hosts an online chat room for our members to meet up online.

For those not familiar with IRC, this is essentially a very large Instant Messenger group chat, where people can join different channels (rooms) and talk to whoever is there.

For Alice’s entire school career she has struggled with learning disabilities.

Completing tasks in a “normal” manner and time frame has always been tough for her, which can be very discouraging.

Channel operators (users with a star or @ beside their name) have the power to remove and/or ban you from channels if you do not comply with the guidelines. You can use the following link to connect through your web browser, or you can connect manually (see below). Please use the same nick as your Na No account including capital letters. : Disconnects from IRC Here are some IRC Clients: Chatzilla is a firefox add-on that functions like its own application. MIRC is a paid IRC program but it gives you a 30-day free trial.

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The collection is sophisticatedly designed in London and made in Korea, only with carefully chosen high quality materials. She has loved the beach ever since she was little and her passion for designing swimwear followed.

Olivia strives to provide trending swimwear for woman of all sizes so they are able to enjoy swimsuit activities with confidence and in comfort.

Alice is now expanding her collection “Alternative Faces” over the summer while living and working in her hometown of Burlington, VT.

Alice will be showing her first collection during Vancouver Fashion Week in September as one of the S/S 2018 designers!