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I gawked and - literally - drooled over her big tits, not to mention her nipples which were so enticing I had to refrain myself from reaching out and touching them.

I could feel my fat cock pushing against the inside of my pants.

" "Please take off your shoes and step through the detector again please," I asked. I turned to my colleague and said, "Carol, I'm in exam room 3." Carol looked at me funny, as technically I wasn't allowed to examine a woman.

After several seconds of gawking and inactivity on my part, she said, "No? " As I saw her reaching back and unclasping her bra with both hands, part of me wanted to tell her to stop - that this wasn't what I was after - but I didn't.

"There," Alexis said, throwing her blouse on the floor. God she looked hot, especially after all that time.

Unprepared for this, I simply gawked at her red bra, as she just stood there, her hands on her hips. "I must inform you that you have the right to ask for a female security officer to conduct this search..." I repeated, sounding like a broken record. I stared at her curves, and at her big nipples piercing through her bra - which she'd obviously bought a size too small.

I found a small, cozy apartment, not far from the airport and had even rebooted my social life. The airport where I worked was one of the smaller ones in the country.

Aside from male friends, I had also made a few lady friends with whom I could have casual sex whenever the mood struck me. On average, we handled about five flights per hour.