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so i gotta strip the carbs clean them and while im at it ill stop ignoring the tank vent and clean it.Question is i have never touched that before whats involved its on the Zrx1200 Howdy folks.its not going to be just a do it all bike, more for two up and a bit of self indulgent mile munching.but just half thinking of changing tact, just something different.There is two cars and a bike in Galway that will never ever be buying fuel off Applegreen Galway again!! Hi, I'm looking at getting gear from uk, free shipping/returns...but, returns outside UK if something doesn't fit are at my expense..anyone ever returned say a pair of boots to the UK? Hi lads, ive been offered a cheap GTR1000, problem is that it needs carb diaghrams, good mate selling it and its otherwise a good bike, big prob is the price of new diaghrams, apparently about 135euro EACH. Might be a bit harder in SBK next season with new rules and the the bikes revs being capped to OEM productiion rev spec.

Just jumping on the bandwagon here Howye lads, One of the lads is looking for someone to transport a bike from Ballybofey to Dun Laoghaire in Dublin in the next day or two. Yamaha MT09 sp KTM 790 Duke BMW 850GS Ducati V4 ( under debate, waiting til NEC, before i make further comment ) Tenere 700 ( T7 ) Tracer 900 ( few revisions and mostly took away that fairytale horse coach look and now more masculine styling with astute additional updates including TFT screen ). Been riding on it fine, but getting the wheels powder coated so would like them perfect. So saturday evening I whipped off the old one and put the new one on. I never noticed but the tap on the bottom of the tank is nearly touching the top of the engine. Recently I've started to hear a very faint grinding noise coming from the back wheel. The bike is also not freewheeling as good as it used to when the clutch is pulled.My thinking was it was the back brakes, after getting them changed and looked at, by the mechanic, the problem persisted.The mechanic then changed the back wheel bearing with no luck there either.Has anyone on here ever had any dealings with a company called cool and comfy top yokes uk.I ordered a kit 27 september paid in full and selected not to have it powder coated black because it says on their site if you buy it without being power coated its usually dispatched within 48 hours.6 weeks later and no sign of the kit yet.contacted them the week before last was told they had a machine breakdown and it had held up production but that they were back on track and my kit was complete and would be dispatched that week.