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The doors swung back outwards and almost settled to a stop. A hand I could have sat in came out of the dimness and took hold of my shoulder and squashed it to a pulp. From up above came vague sounds of humanity, but we were alone on the stairs. Before they had entirely stopped moving they opened again, violently, outwards. Then the hand moved me through the doors and casually lifted me up a step. A deep soft voice said to me, quietly:"Smokes in here, huh? The big man stared at me solemnly and went on wrecking my shoulder with his hand."A dinge," he said.

It was a thin, narrow-shouldered brown youth in a lilac colored suit and a carnation. Some of Chandler’s novels, like The Big Sleep, were made into classic movies which helped define the film noir style. It was scarred, flattened, thickened, checkered, and welted. Everything had been done to it that anybody could think of. In the last year of his life he was elected president of the Mystery Writers of America. ONEIt was one of the mixed blocks over on Central Avenue, the blocks that are not yet all Negro. It was a warm day, almost the end of March, and I stood outside the barber shop looking up at the jutting neon sign of a second floor dine and dice emporium called Florian's. He was looking up at the dusty windows with a sort of ecstatic fixity of expression, like a hunky immigrant catching his first sight of the Statue of Liberty. Philip Marlowe's about to give up on a completely routine case when he finds himself in the wrong place at the right time to get caught up in a murder that leads to a ring of jewel thieves, another murder, a fortune-teller, a couple more murders, and more corruption than your average graveyard. The chanting at the crap table stopped dead and the light over it jerked out. It got up slowly, retrieved a hat and stepped back onto the sidewalk. Raymond Thornton Chandler (1888 - 1959) was the master practitioner of American hard-boiled crime fiction. There was a sudden silence as heavy as a water-logged boat. It was a thin, narrow-shouldered brown youth in a lilac colored suit and a carnation.