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I got a customer who enjoyed sploshing, which is food and mess play. It’s the good days to keep you going, and working helps me with that.’ Kitty added: ‘Camming for me is definitely a profession.

‘I got asked if I had any custard, which is a common thing that people rub onto their bodies to get the customer off. I ended up having to tell him to wait 5 minutes, blend some bananas, make a smoothie, get in the bath, and rub this smoothie on myself. I see myself as a brand and through that make lots of business decisions.’ Kitty’s recently decided to take her career a step further by dipping into the porn industry.

‘Going into the porn industry felt like a very natural decision for me after modelling for years, being a cam girl for years, and being a very sexual person.

Being involved in all of this it felt like something I wanted to try.

This is because so many of us can’t get their heads around getting so personal for money – let alone for the world to see – with some deeming getting sexual on camera to be ‘immoral’ despite using it as entertainment.

But Kitty is adamant that this view is incredibly reductive – explaining that so far, her experience with porn has been brilliant.

She said: ‘People in the porn industry are just normal people!

I will get a customer who wants me to dress up specifically in stockings so I will put them on before he takes me into a show. ‘I domme sometimes as there are submissive men who enjoy being humiliated. ‘Some will come, start a show, tell me to strip and leave after 3 minutes,’ explained Kitty.But despite the honesty, all prices remain the same – and apparently, these rates are pretty good.Though Kitty wasn’t happy to disclose her wage, she says camming earns her a full-time living.But as for now and scenes, I have some storyline/scenario scenes coming up with a company which is just boy/girl or boy/girl/girl but nothing hardcore or crazy (yet!)’ Though the porn industry is, for the most part, incredibly professional – with consistent STI checks, age regulations and contracts – many of us have a dim view of the industry, despite being avid viewers ourselves.